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Revolutionize and Streamline
your Telecommunications

About Us

Corporate Answer has taken 39 years of telecommunications experience and established, what we feel, is the best all-around communications service available for all apartment complexes, property management companies, and manufactured home communities.  Corporate Answer provides a range of telecommunication services that are tailored to your property needs. Our expert team ensures that you have access to the best communication technology and support available to your property.


VOIP Telephony equates to Voice over Internet Protocol. Your phone calls and conversations now travel over the internet instead of through wires.

Servicing Satisfied Clients throughout the USA

Seamless Integration
Can’t remember?
Customer Service

Let Corporate Answer help you streamline your communications and save you money.  Our telecommunications seamlessly integrate with your existing phone lines, ensuring a smooth transition and minimal disruption to your business operations.

The “recording of conversations” is a rather unique service that we offer, giving our properties the ability to record a telephone conversation, then have that conversation emailed back to the office. Captured documentation has proven invaluable to our clients in many emergency situations.  It also serves as a great customer service training aid for your technicians.

Corporate Answer is committed to providing exceptional customer service to ensure that your communication needs are always met in a timely manner.

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